Discount; deduction or refund of money in consideration of prompt payment. A deduction from a stipulated premium on a policy of insurance, in pursuance of an antecedent contract. A deduction or drawback from a stipulated payment, charge, or rate (as, a rate for the transportation of freight by a railroad), not taken out in advance of payment, but handed back to the payer after he has paid the full stipulated sum. Refund of portion of purchase price made by manufacturer to consumer to induce purchase of product
Such is commonly obtained by sending proof of purchase to manufacturer. Portion of a transportation charge refunded to a shipper. Rebates are forbidden by the Interstate Commerce Act.
@ tax rebate
Tax rebate is an amount returned (i.e. refunded) to the taxpayer after he has made full payment of the tax.
+ tax rebate
Amount of money remitted by taxing authority after payment of taxes.
See also rebate
See also discount

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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